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Ball Screws

Ball Scres MICRON manufacturers ball screws of every size: from miniature to gigantic.

Odessa is known as a traditional machine-tool construction centre in Eastern Europe. MICRON plant started ball screw production in 1969 as all-USSR ball screw design and production centre, providing ball screws for all USSR machine-tool plants. MICRON also was the main project centre for ball screw design creation and improvement. In 1993 MICRON started to produce ISO 3408-compatible ball screws. MICRON supplies many European machine-tool factories with its ball screws. MICRON production is sertified to international standards. MICRON supplies many countries with its products.

Ball screw use allows economical, reliable, efficient mechanisms creation. Ball screws have high carrying capacity, long life, high axial rigidity, soft movement, efficiency of 85–90%, high speed reliability. Those characteristics are provided by rolling friction instead of sliding friction, HRC 59-61 hardness of working faces, optimal correlation of ball diameter, thread profile radius and contact angle, correct selection of ball screw series.

Ball Screw Series

Using of ball screws

Using of ball screws allows you to make machines of high economically effectiveness, reliability, efficiency because of following ball screws’ qualities:

These advantages are based upon:

We manufacture ball screws:

We constantly check and control ball screws manufactured for kinematics and geometrical precision, drag torque, stiffness and so on. All ball screws of new designs are stand-tested for their life.

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