Order Codes

lease, while ordering ball screws, specify their parameters according to table:


Assembled, adjusted, and tested ball screws are preserved and sealed in the plastic bag. Prepared units are put into special container and hold from damage during shipping.


Packed ball screws could be shipped with any covered transport. Delivery terms are stated in contract.

Usage Manual

Prior to installation ball screws should be cleaned with solvent. After cleaning ball screws should be lubricated with oil or grease lubricant. Lubricant must be clean and have high anticorrosion qualities. Ball screws should be protected dust, dirt, and shaving. Therefore special wipers are provided by design.

Ball screws are completed with usage manual, stating the way to adjust preload.


MICRON guaranties ball screws operation for 18 month since installation, but no more than 24 month since delivery. MICRON guaranties ball screws to conform to requirements of the customer and to technical documentation. MICRON changes defective ball screws and repairs broken ones free of charge if operation, shipment, storage, and installation instructions were held by the customer.