Фотография калибров. Gages conform to GOST 25576. They are used for flat root and crest thread and sealing surface of НКМ type pump pipe and coupling and НКБ pipe testing (GOST 633).

Available gage types:

  • Р — working thread plugs;
  • КР — master thread plugs and rings;
  • Р-П — working thread plugs with complete groove section;
  • Р-Н — working thread plugs with partial groove section;
  • К-Г-Р — master thread plain plugs;
  • Г — working plain plugs and rings;
  • К-Г-Г — master plain plugs;
  • Г-У — working plain plugs and rings;
  • К-Г-Г-У — master plain plugs;
  • Г-В — working plain plugs (for НКБ type pipes only).

Gage technical terms are up to the GOST 24672.

When ordering, please specify the gage like this: «Working thread ring gage with partial groove section for НКМ type pipe with internal diameter of 89 mm testing. Ring Р-Н НКМ 89 ГОСТ 25576».